Tuesday, December 13, 2005

10 random things about me

This is what I get for reading Jenn's blog.

10. I don't like mushrooms, almost every time I have them I vomit (there were 2 exceptions). They can be cooked in the dish, I just can't eat them, and not on pizza, because you can never get them all off.

9. I'm sensitive to lactose, I can't drink a glass of milk, but don't ask me to give up cheese, yoghurt and ice cream, I'd rather suffer with the gas (you might not though), which is why I don't say lactose intolerant.

8. It took me 16 years to figure out the irritable bowel was lactose intolerance.

7. I like different cultures and languages.

6. I quit my job last week, that made me very happy.

5. I have a puppy, named Drake, he's 7 months old on Thursday.

4. I don't like it when people call moles and birth marks beauty marks, I have lots and I don't find them beautiful.

3. I have green eyes, I once got contacts to make them blue, as I thought that was nicer, then I realized everyone in my English class had blue or brown eyes. Both of my contacts were ruined within a month, it wasn't a conscious destruction :)

2. I have a small family, but they are important to me.

1. I have the best husband in the world (we've been married 14 months, but I've known him for 14 years).