Monday, May 31, 2010

16 Weeks tomorrow

Really, has it only been 3 weeks since I posted? It surely feels like 2 months have passed...really only 3 weeks?

Obviously I'm very excited, and I want the weeks to just whip by, they seem to go SOOOO SLOWLY! Next major milestone is the move back into the city proper on June 19th, just 2.5 weeks away. I've done some of the documentation to get the move underway in changing our address. There is still a lot of packing to do and mom has been helping me, since hubby wants to do his own packing. At least hubby takes apart the big items for the move, I just have to pack my stuff and the joint stuff.

The pregnancy has been very easy, I have only 1 complaint, I think I pulled a muscle in my back way back in Feb (due to the loose muscles & ligaments of pregnancy) and it's hurt by 6pm everyday since (OK, I got about a week's relief with no pain about 2 weeks ago). Right about now I'm debating on taking it very easy for a few days, seeing an acupuncturist, seeing a masseuse or seeing a chiropractor, any of them are covered by my health insurance at work, I just have to submit the bill, I'm just lazy.

Today I noticed that my belly is finally bigger than my, I'm sure that will change tomorrow. Also apparently I could even start feeling movement this week, if I'm really attentive and guess correctly that it's the baby moving rather than my digestive track. It's more likely that I won't realize the movements until week 18 or so. I wonder when hubby can feel the baby moving.

Oddest craving. Cold milk, by the 1/2 litre or more (pint for my American buds). Odd because I'm sensitive to lactose, and although I have lactose free milk in cereal, tea, coffee, have yoghurt and cheese, I haven't had a glass of milk in years. I crave it by the glass though!

Monday, May 10, 2010


13 weeks tomorrow! Yippee, I've finally made it through the first trimester with a healthy pregnancy. It was easier this time in a sense, because I didn't even know until I was 8 weeks along, so I only had to really worry for 5 weeks. When I did worry I just kept telling myself I've had really bad luck, it doesn't mean that there is a repeatable reason why I keep miscarrying that had yet to be diagnosed and treated.

The expected due date is November 15 or 16, depending on which doctor or application you'd like to reference. I'm kind of hoping for the 11th, just because in hubby's family most of them have their birth month and birth day as the same value (i.e. 7/7, 8/8 and 9/9).

I've had to use some maternity clothes for the last couple of weeks, just because my pants keep slipping low under my tummy and either that's uncomfortable, also if I move my arms about then my tummy is exposed as the shirt rides up. The problem I've found with maternity pants though is that I don't have enough tummy to keep the elastic waist up, so the weight of the pant itself drags down and then I trip on the cuffs of the pant.

Anyway, very excited! I'm already planning the theme of the baby's room, I'd like to paint it a light green with a gray undertone (I want to use the term sage, but that might not be right), and then to have a jungle/safari theme to room. I've already got a stuffed elephant and a stuffed giraffe (both by Ty Pluffies). I want to also put up one of those shelf like moldings around the room at about 4.5 ft high. I've been seeing it in model homes, I think it's just crown molding with a 3 by 1 on top to make the shelf (and maybe another 3 by 1 against the wall to attach the crown molding and other 3 by 1 too).

So although I'm really excited, I'm still scared and like some of my friends say, although I might not realize it, I'm probably stressed about the pregnancy going full term and probably won't take a truly deep breath until the baby is born healthy. Which is true, I still often say when talking about plans for maternity leave or the future are prefaced with the condition that this pregnancy works out.