Monday, October 30, 2006

Menu Planning Monday

For more recipes, head on over to Laura's blog.

Monday: Ground Beef and Spinach stew (Ground beef, frozen spinach, rice, pine nuts, something tomato based and garlic salt - basically a clean the fridge of leftovers recipe, everything can be substistuted for something else).

Tuesday: Tofu tomato and beef (cook beef strips add tomatoes and tofu at the end)

Wednesday: Honey mustard Chicken and snow peas (honey mustard is 1 part old style dijon, 1 part honey, 2 parts regular dijon, spread over chicken before baking, reserve some for meal)

Thursday: Salmon with mustard sauce and veggies (bake salmon sauce is equal parts dijon mustard and Miracle Whip, white vinegar about 1/4 cup, sugar to taste).

Friday: Pizza or leftovers

Saturday: Anti-Hestivus (Girls whole day out, while the boys do Hestivus - eat junk and watch Charleston Heston movies).

Sunday: Chicken Rouge (in a casserole dish combine chicken fillets, canned, diced tomatoes, green pepper, onions, spices of choice, cover bake I think it's about 50 minutes at 350F - Dr Bernstein recipe). Serve over rice if desired.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

House Keeping

An hour ago I was telling hubby that I appreciate that he swept and dusted the dining room yesterday and I'm sorry I didn't tell him then. Also how I wish I could keep the house as clean as my mother did, but I'm not that kind of woman (yet) and perhaps my eyes are now more critical than they were as a child to young adult, it's not until I had my own home that I started noticing. Although my apartments were cleaner than this, although I think in part I kept my mess and disorganization confined to my personal living space and not the common areas which helped alot. Anyway, I've been feeling lately not only do I eat like a pig, I live like one, so I've decided to add a daily cleaning challenge to my kick the pig blog. Today's shall be cleaning the master bedroom and bath, which will include doing the laundry, although since hubby's downstairs I'll take it down, he can do the switching.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Promised Before & After Pictures

Ahh, ladies here they are the promised pics, bigger if you click on them:

The Basement Bedroom


After (yes it's a slightly lighter colour, I was going to do it the same colour as the living room, but it ended up problematic around the door frames for the closets, so I tried to match the original colour)

The closet in the basement bedroom with the gift area for Laura (left side only, right side is Laura's wonderful odds and ends solution, I have tape, lightbulbs, pest control, power bars, and child safety electrical outlet plug covers in mine. Looking for more items to fill it).

The living room for Chrissa (so she can see the Ikea rug) , you can see where I'm in the process of finishing this blog on the left there :) well not me obviously, I'm taking the photo, but the laptop and water bottle.

Today I've actually been hanging a lot of pictures, like our wedding pic you see in the living room above. Most of them are gifts we gave each other for various anniversaries (dating and wedding). Monday is our second wedding anniversary, we'll be going out to dinner tomorrow, but seeing, framing and finally hanging a lot of these beautiful momentos (2 of which hubby drew himself) has made me feel rather sentimental and romantic today.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Funday

(Updated with rug pic below for Mrs. Happy)

So this morning hubby and I went to Ikea for breakfast, and we picked up a rug for the living room. Drake, like a lot of little ones, wanted to explore the new item before hubby and I had finished placing it down, so imagine us moving the rug around with an 80lb golden retriever on the rug. Eventually I did put him outside for 5 minutes where he barked to let me know hoe thought it was unfair that I tricked him into going outside by going out first myself. Hey, whatever works, and I didn't pretent to say hi to Soup, the neighbours dog who sticks his head under the fence to say "hi". They are digging holes under the fence to one another, but I think they've reached some roots or hard earth, because they haven't dug any deeper for about 6 months, and it would need to be pretty deep to get Drake or Soup under there. Soup is about 10 pounds less than Drake, but a better digger, he's husky and black lab.

Anyway, have about half the room in the basement back together. It's painted and the bed, side table, lamp and phone are back in. I do have to empty out the closets and hang some shelves and decide what else is going back in there before I take a picture. Hopefully later today I'll update this post with pics. In the mean time to avoid doing the work, I think I'll start the story board with the old pic :)

Hahaha, Drake's doing the baby thing with his rope toy where he lies on his back and holds the rope in the air over his mouth and chews on it. That's one of my favourite things he does. :)

It's beige (seisel like) rimmed with dark brown. When I take a pic of the basement bedroom, I'll also take a pic of the living room so you can see the carpet there.

Friday, October 13, 2006


So many inspiring and heart felt posts today, I feel the need to share them.
Hope in frustration
Julie in Beauty and Prayer
Laura in recognizing your limits

I feel so much love, hope and peace flowing through me and from me. Have you felt the empowerment? What can I say? I often have the heart to reach out and to stand with the others, but not always the written word. So this is me, taking to you, something wonderful, so that you can participate too and have your day uplifted, and feel united with people across the world. If only we could all feel so united across the miles, maybe there would be more peace and love and understanding in the world. If we could remember that everyone has a story, a hurt, something to share, value. We are all equal, may we put principles above personalities and love each other in a very special way, even if we can't love ourselves yet.

Reach out to someone today that maybe you wouldn't have reached out to before, let your heart and soul move you, not your head. Commiserate with your fellow traveler whom you might overhear speaking of a hurt they've experienced, because we are all responsible for those hurts, even if we didn't directly commit them, the survivor may need to hear, an apology or that not every person that fits an archetype is like their experience, to break down barriers that separate us. There is more that unites us, than separates us despite what our natures may say.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update on my Tackle

So yesterday what I did for my Tackle it Tuesday (I was going to use the acronym and then decided against it). In the first picture, see the white Beaumark box in the lower right and the brown cardboard box beside it? I went through those 2 boxes and tossed stuff. The white box actually contains all of our manuals for things. The manuals and warranty cards were filling up my fling cabinet, and I wasn't good about filing them, so now we just throw them in here, works for me (i.e. my Works for me Wednesday - unofficially of course). The other thing I did was to quickly look into every drawer and cabinet and box and if I saw something that I didn't want, need, or recognize, it was chucked out (don't worry hubby I can at least recognize it as being mine, if I wasn't sure it was mine I kept it). I also finally took the clothing donation to the local pickup station and dropped it off as well as doing the grocery shopping.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tackle it Tuesday

My Tackle it Tuesday will be organizing one dresser, box or bag in this room:

It actually looks worse now because I brought all my sewing, crafting, candles and Bible Studies into the room, the rest is to go out. That little bit of floor space you see in the middle of the second picture, that is now stacked with my stuff and the only remaining space is maybe a discontinuous strip of 8 inches width on each side of the bed. This room will be many Tackle it Tuesdays and weekends. I'll take pics of exactly what I tackled when I do it tonight.

P.S. Yes that is a life size Darth Maul to the right of the first picture. His light sabre is somewhere else in the house, I think probably the room next door to this one known as "the office" that room is another week long project.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cleaning Day

Today is cleaning day, and hubby is going to help me clean at the same time that I am cleaning. We've never done cleaning at the same time (or at least the same amount at the same time), so I'm wondering how we'll do it. Often I tend to break it out using Julie's 10 minute regime. i.e. I'll do something for 10 minutes. Here's what I have:

Tidy every room (bedroom, master bath, kitchen, dining room, living room, TV room
Sweep (kitchen, dining room, living room)
Wash Floors (3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room)
Vacuum (2 stairs, 2 halls, TV room, bedroom)
Clean 3 washrooms
Clean kitchen counters and stove
Dust (living room, dining room, TV room)
Vacuum furniture in living room and TV room
Wash laundry
Wash walk out window (muddy paw marks)
Wash front door (muddy paw marks)

I'm tempted to get started with the bathrooms and washing the 2 doors while hubby sleeps, but maybe I'll go ask him how he wants to clean first (by floor or by task), then I can get started on mine. Well hubby's too sleepy to respond, so I guess I'll just pick. I think I'll go by task. Usually when he helps he sweeps and mops, I hate vacuuming, and it's kind of like sweeping and mopping, so I'll leave him those three things and get started on the rest.

I shall begin with tidying.
Tidied kitchen, cleaned kitchen, cleaned bathroom, cleaned front and back doors, dusted dining room. THis took me 2 hours, and hubby actually did the dusting part. Now I'm taking Drake for a long walk while hubby does the washing of the floors.

So the main floor is clean, I might do the bedroom and bathroom while getting ready to go see my in-laws. Then that will be all for today most likely, but it will just leave vacuuming, the basement and laundry to do.