Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A meme from Ravenbajan via Mrs. Happy

I can't sleep, so I thought I'd fill out this meme. Why is it called a meme anyway?

I am thinking about: This meme, and why I can't get to sleep, my to do list for tomorrow and the one I came up with for my whole vacation (wishful thinking).

I just said: Nothing, in the last 10 minutes, although I did ask the dog if he wanted to come curl up with mummy. He doesn't, he's not the cuddly sort. Good thing I suppose because he weighs 80 pounds.

I want to: go to sleep and organize the guest room by pulling every paper, book, box and empty all the drawers into the hallway, hubby would freak :)

I wish: the filing would do itself and the dog could be trained to do chores. I know I can teach him to put away his toys and sort laundry. I'd love to teach him to vacuum, I hate vacuuming, I think he likes it though, he tries to jump on the vacuum and then when it goes near him he barks and jumps away. He also tries to chase the broom and mop and eat them and with the broom he'll grab his piles of hair that come off the floor.

I regret: That I'm not asleep because mom's coming over to help me paint tomorrow and I'll be too tired. That I didn't do better in university, but I think I would now because I know better how to apply myself for longer periods and what to apply myself to.

I sing: When I'm very happy, I make these silly little la la, da bum bump sounds when I'm happy. Hubby laughs at me, I only noticed that I did that when we started dating, I guess I wasn't really really happy before that :). My brother does it too, only much much much louder than I do :)

I hear: the dog sighing and the laptop humming and my keyboard clicking, and huuby just burped.

I am: mindwarp or warpie or war pie. I think I need a new nick, my mind isn't as warped as it used to be.

I dance: in my living room

I'm behind: on cleaning, as usual, I hate cleaning, domestic goddess I am not.

I cry: at movies and books. I cry cery easily at these things, so if a movie doesn't elicit tears from me, it must have really sucked (unless it wasn't supposed to, but most have the hero go through a down part)

I am not: a guy. One of my male friends in university thought I was just one of the guys, made me choose whether I wanted to be one of the guys or a girl. I choose girl, since I know all about that.

I forgot: What day of the week it is, a good vacation should be like that :)

I confuse: the dog I think. He still doesn't get excited at the words, "walk" or "car ride", and he's just started responding to treat in the last few months. I think it's because I take so darn long to get ready that until I get the leash he doesn't respond, and then, he usually actually jumps away like a game when I try to hook up the leash, or he rolls over and shows me his belly if he was napping on the floor.

I write: when I'm confused about something, or it's on my mind. I'll write out my thoughts in a journal.

I need: Food, tummy is growling still.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today's Goals

I figured I'd better blog about my daily goals or I'll never get it all done. So today's goals are:
Eat healthy
Walk Drake (the dog)
Sand Basement hallway
Replaster where needed
Resand the newly plastered areas
Prime the basement hallway
Clean up the TV room
Take a picture and post the TV room for Chrissa
Empty the basement bedroom so it can be painted too
Empty the laundry room of stuff from the TV room and get it organized
Move the one dresser from the master bedroom to the basement and use for storage.

Here are before pictures of the hall and basement bedroom:

Progress Update
Walked Drake
Finished first round of sanding and vacuumed
Took pics of the TV Room, which is in the basement and I painted last week, you can also see the new desk we bought last month.

View from the back of the room (standing beside the desk)

View from the front of the room (standing in front of the TV)

View from the doorway (so you can see the desk better)

Friday, September 22, 2006

DIY: Painting

You know, I like painting, I like the sense of accomplishment, however, what I don't like is the rest of it. For instance, to actually get started painting you have to move furniture, prep the walls by filling holes and dents you made while moving the furniture, sand it, prime it, lay the drop clothes, tape off things you don't want to paint, get the painting gear out (cans of paint, brushes, roller, cloth for wiping up mistakes quickly) change clothes. Then you can get down to painting. Afterwards, there are the washing the brushes, pickup the drop clothes, move out the painting gear. Once dry there are touch ups to bare spots, fixing where you might have laid the ladder for a second and it left a black mark on the wall, touch up the trim and ceilings where you got a little careless (i.e. tired from painting), dust tables, vacuum behind that furniture you haven't moved since the last time you painted/moved/rearranged the furniture. Might as well organize while doing this and not put back stuff that doesn't belong there.

I'm currently at this second round, where you do touch ups and paint the trim (yes I do that last, many people do it first, makes no difference to me because I end up having to redo, even if taped once I've painted the wall). So I suppose I should get down to it, although first I'm going to walk the dog again and pick up those pina coladas :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tagged by Hope

OK, Hope tagged me here is the first thing that comes to mind about the 4 words she gave:

Stinkbomb - Actor Jack Black letting one rip.
Pie - American Pie (the first movie)
First Base - kissing
Favorite - colour red :)

I tag Jenn (Tales of a mom of boys), Julie (The World according to Julie), Helen (What lies beneath)and Laura (org Junkie).

Your words are:
Telescope (because I couldn't spell kaliedescope)
Dune buggy

Monday, September 04, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Roman Pan Fried Lamb
Italian Chicken Packages
Lentils and Mixed Vegetables
Chicken Couscous
Chicken Pepperonta
Salmon with Caper Sauce
Wine and Herb Salmon
Pasta in creamy tomato vodka sauce.

We won't necessarily eat them in this order, it depends on what I feel like cooking, today is the lamb though as it's already on the stove. Hubby's home today and he likes lamb, I've never cooked or eaten it before, so we'll see.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oh the Joy of it

It's so nice to be able to share the joy of the Lord. Today's sharing is like a soft glow, peace welling up inside making you smile and cry a few tears of joy too.