Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Day of Vacation.

We've moved, and I took 4 days off work to do it, today being the last of those 4 days. I still have lots of unpacking and organizing to do, but I'm hoping to get at least the kitchen completed today. At least yesterday I finished off everything at the old house, so I only need to return once more for a contractor to fix a window that sprung a leak the week before we were to move. That wasn't the only surprise my moving weekend, dad's place also received 2 offers so I spent some of that 4 days helping mom sign and fax the offer back and forth to the buyer to accept the offer. Then there was a really short closing date so mom and bro went up to the place on Sunday to clear it out. They did (mostly my bro and his friend) cleared out all the furniture and most of the garage in 4 hours. They filled 2 large dumpsters (30 yard ones, or 18ft long, 8 wide, 4 high). Yes dad had a lot of junk.

Today I'm 19 weeks along in my pregnancy, last week on Tuesday and Thursday I felt the baby move, but not since (probably too busy and stressed to notice any movement). Today is my ob/gyn appt. I also had an ultrasound last week, we'll be on the green team because hubby wants the sex of the baby to be a surprise. Baby didn't cooperate much with the ultrasound and the technician had a hard time getting all the information she needed to capture. We did get a couple of pictures though and I think hubby thought it was neat for the first 20 minutes (the room was hot with 3 of us in it and he started getting sleepy after that).

Anyway, big goals for today are grocery shopping (time for some real food and not takeout). Seeing if the place down the street does doggy daycare at a reasonable rate, doctor's appt and more organizing at home.

The other funny thing for the last couple of days the dog has been following me every where, normally he spends his time with daddy when daddy is at home.