Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Honey, Drake's barfing

Wouldn't it be nice if you could say that and have your spouse take care of it. I did, although I didn't expect honey to take care of it. I just needed him to help Drake, give him some water, comfort him (no one likes barfing, not even a dog). Mostly I wanted Drake to feel comforted because if there's just me, I'm afraid he might eat the barf (he hasn't done that yet, but a lot of dogs do, Drake just eats poo apparently, more on that later) so I push him away when he comes near while I try to clean it up, which might seem like he's been bad, and I can't communicate and explain to him what I'm doing and why. I wonder if he barfed because he ate an entire box of Triscuit crackers. It was the whole box, bought it yesterday and it hadn't been opened yet. Good think it wasn't "jumbo" or "bonus" size, he's probably going to have binding and bloating from the wheat and salt.

We started Drake on a pill from the pet shop that is supposed to help stool smell less, and one of the side effects is the dog is less likely to consume the stool, I figured for $12 it was worth the purchase. He's been on it for about 2 weeks and hasn't consumed any of his own stool. Yay! Although note the "any of his own", he has consumed cat stool, which apparently is like candy for them, and another animal's on a walk a few days after he started the pills (we can't see them under the snow, but he can smell them).