Saturday, September 18, 2010

New stuff

I've been thinking for a year or 2 now about a career change. I've decided I want it to be something related to my degree in Environmental Science. Lately 2 things have been on my mind.
1) Sustainable design - in that when furinishing/redecorating using environmentally friendly products or reusing furniture.
2) Off grid home reno - when I think about the home renos I want to do in my new place, it's all in an effort to lower my costs for utilities. So I'm currently thinking about solar panels or other alternatives for energy production. Mostly because dear hubby falls asleep in front of the TV a lot.

So while off with the baby over the next year I'm going to be doing research in what direction I want to take my career and educating myself. In the meantime, I've started a new blog about sustainability. So I invite you to visit me at Sustain & Contain It

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Count Down

I'm counting down the weeks left at work until my vacation then mat leave, 54 glorious weeks away from work! Just 6 more weeks and one day to go.

I've pretty much lost all enthusiam for my job and really don't want to do it anymore, perhaps I'll consider a career change when I'm home on mat leave. I'm just not sure at this time what I'd want to do with at least some of the remainder of my expected working career of 21 years.

For some reason, I think the baby is going to be a week late, I think D-Day is going to be November 23, current EDD is November 15. I also think the baby's weight will be 9lbs and 14oz, as for the sex well I thought it would be a girl, until about a month ago, now I think it will be a boy. Only God, the baby and maybe the technician know for sure.

Tuesday the crib was delivered, and hubby and I set it up that night, so the baby's room is starting to come together. Mom, or should I say grandmom, painted it for me last week in a light green colour.

I'm finally starting to plan a bit more for the arrival, I haven't been all that communicative about the baby or pregnancy and done minimal planning for the baby's arrival, just a side effect of having had 3 miscarriages, sometimes I forget I'm pregnant until I try to pick something up off the ground and there's a big belly in the way. I should have hubby take some photos to document these last weeks of growth. Right now though...naptime.