Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Favourite Moments

I was thinking today (because it was a tough morning) that there are 2 things I need to remember.
1) When I have a long to do list and taking care of Victoria, I need to take things 1 small task at a time.
2) I need to remember the small moments that make every day wonderful with my baby.

These are the small moments we have every day right now, but she's growing so fast that I know they will be replaced soon with other small moments and I don't want to forget these ones and I want my daughter to know about the small things that make my day with her special every day.
1) Breast feeding - because we've worked so hard to get here.
2) Dancing and singing to her. I like to sing "Believe in you" by Amanda Marshall to her. Oddly, though I've never seen the video I looked it up and it actually starts with the birth of a baby.
3) Having her soothe to sleep on my tummy all curled up in a little ball
4) Watching her look and smile at other people as they hold her

I've written these things in the little journal I'm keeping for her, and I've shared them with all of you. I want to have pictures taken of them so I can share them with Victoria when she's old enough to see them.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Most Surprising Thing

Today I went to a "thank you" meeting at work for a project that delivered to production after I had started maternity leave. I was asked by one of my teammates what I found to be the most surprising thing about motherhood. My answer would have to be just how much my brain is no longer functioning. I'm hoping this is a passing phase.

Examples of brain deficiences post partum:

  • The use of incorrect homophones in writing: "here" instead of "hear", "there" instead of "their" etc
  • The inability to complete spoken sentences because I can't recall a key word, maybe that's why my mom often uses thingamabob etc, this does not bode well for my brain returning to some semblance of its pre-pregnancy function
  • The inability to comprehand more than 2 or 3 sentences in an instructional manual. I've been trying to apply or update various documentation for benefits for me and Victoria after the birth, but I can't comprehend the instructions and actions that I need to take and there is a timeline on most of these of 30 days

Well hubby helps out with the documentation of Victoria's birth that needs to be completed.