Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Works for me Wednesday

This is actually a tip from Jenny the Milker. Shopping only the perimeter of the grocery store. It means I get healthier food and it takes less time. Fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, juice, milk are all around the edge, not in the middle aisles. Have a great Day.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Julie's post about mommies inspired me to write mine. My mommy is finally retiring this month. She actually officially retired 8 years ago, but has been working part time in her field because of the level of knowledge and expertise she has. In my field we would call her a knowledge expert, or subject matter expert, and I think she's fully deserving of that title.

My mom taught me a lot about work ethic. She works in pay & benefits for the government, which has a lot fo rules around pensions, pay and benefits. Mom has always been a conscientious worker in that she digs deeper into the rules, and the rules effective at certain times that would apply to a person so that she can help them get all that they deserve. It irks me a little bit about what some people say about government workers, because I know how hard my mom worked, and the pay for the most part was less than fair. I also used to work in the government as a research assistant and I know how the researchers worked diligently for often only a third of what they could have gotten in the states. The next time you see that government worker taking a break when there's a huge lineup. It's not true of all the workers behind the scenes that you don't see. I thank my mom for what she taught me about work ethic, maybe at times I learned it too well and put work first, rather than where it belongs, somewhere down around 5th in my books.

Happy Retirement Mom, you totally deserve it!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Drake's first picture

For Chrissa: Drake, age 4 months

He's a golden retriever

My favourite picture:

Hubby sent me the above as an email subject line "Hello from Home" and just the attachment. I call it my window to home and it's my favourite. I have it as my desktop on my laptop.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Works for me Wednesday

This works for me. I'm putting together a box of mementos I've gotten over the years, ones I've purchased and don't want anymore, or have gotten from secret santas, or just don't work in my home. Then when I need a little gift for something I have one, so I'm not running out last minute, because I often forget. Works well for those neighbours that give you something for the holidays and you're caught off guard. I plan to keep little gift bags and homemade cards in another drawer right next to the mementos.

Point to note, if you're going to re-gift, tape a note to the gift to remind you whom you received it from in the first place.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Woohoo, it's finally happened

Yes ladies, after almost 2 years of marriage, it has finally happened. Congratulate me! I finally have my china and crystal put away in a dresser :) It's safe and accessible :)

Today I received another partial delivery of my bedroom furniture. Now let me explain how my china got put away in my bedroom furniture. The dresser doesn't fit in the bedroom, but I wanted it for the day when we lived somewhere that it would, so we bought it. Well it just happens to match my dining room table, so it's in the dining room and now filled with my china, crystal, and soon linens :) Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Tomorrow's organization goal is to tidy up the room downstairs prepping it for it's final organization when I get the last of the bedroom furniture.

Monday, August 07, 2006

100 things about me

This is my 100th post, so in tradition of the 100th, here are 100 things about me. Hubby might not even know some of these.

100 I'm between 5'9" and 5'10"
99 I have brown hair
98 I have green eyes
97 I once got blue contacts, after about 6 months sitting in an English class I realized everyone had either blue eyes or brown eyes. I was the only one with green, and I was hiding them, thinking I would be prettier with blue, within a couple of weeks of that I accidentally ripped one of those contacts, the other had a small nick from my nails that had become larger. Coincident, I doubt it, subconscious though.
96 I have long skinny feet, makes it really hard to find shoes, size 11AAAA (or 11 AAA, depends on the shoe)
95 I have a lot of birth marks, I wasn't born with them all, I was born with only 2 one on each side of my torso at the waist.
94 I was 8 pounds at birth and 24 inches. 2 feet tall already :)
93 My favourite colour is red
92 I was raised to be proud to be Canadian.
91 I love learning and experiencing traditions from other cultures
90 I love languages, but I'm not very good at them
89 I like crafts, latest ones are needlepoint and quilting
88 I used to have a navel piercing
87 My motorcycle license expired last month, never did upgrade it from a learners to a full fledged rider
86 I'm almost 34
85 I feel the biological clock ticking and after this weekend, it's even louder (sorry honey)
84 I don't like my birthmarks and wonder why they are called that because I didn't have so many at birth, or even in early childhood.
83 My favourite body part is my fingers
82 I think my toes are neat because they remind me of my fingers (length & dexterity), but they are not very attractive due to the shoe problems I have (they get squished).
81 My joints in my legs pop
80 I get a lot of headaches, but I'm trying to control them non-medically now
79 I'm a business systems analyst (don't ask)
78 I'm not thrilled with my job, it's tolerable though
77 I have a strong work ethic, which is why I want to be happy with what I do to earn money
76 I have a degree in biology
75 I also have one in environmental science
74 I can program, but not well
73 I like cooking new things
72 I like learning new things
71 I wish I was a better wife to my hubby
70 I wish I could fly
69 I wish sometimes I could see the future, but then I would have to follow it and how boring would that be to know every word and movement before they happened.
68 I wish I was more of a risk taker and adventurer
67 I wish I'd win the lottery, just 2-5 million up front please (although I would take the "win for life" too)
66 I like to swim
65 I like to walk
64 I wish I could run long distances
63 I want to get back on my bicycle, but I've never been a good rider
62 I never appreciated my mother's garden until I had a lawn of my own (it's amazingly beautiful and lush in it's simplicity)
61 If you know Meyers-Briggs I'm INFJ (Introvert, iNuitive, Feeling, Judging), but I'm also really close on sensing & thinking because I was taught that way.
60 I've been married almost 2 years, to a wonderful man that I've known for 15 years (we were friends for 9 before we realized we were meant for each other)
59 My hubby completes me
58 I like to travel
57 I want to go to Italy
56 I want to go to Greece
55 I want to go to France
54 I want to go to Mexico
53 I'm into historical ruins and architecture
52 I like visiting model homes
51 The coolest model home I ever saw had a kids playhouse built into the adjoining wall between 2 of the kids bedrooms (I was a pre-teen when I saw it)
50 I would describe my homes decor as modern but not minimalist.
49 My puppy is sleeping on his back with his feet in the air. He plays with his toys like this, like a baby holding a bottle
48 My puppy has also learned how to entertain himself by playing soccer. He holds one ball in his mouth and the other he passes from paw to paw as he walks around the living room/dining room
47 The chore I hate the most is vacuuming
46 The chore I like the best is cleaning the bathroom
45 I've worn glasses since Grade 7 (age 12)
44 I think about my breasts a lot
43 I'd like to be more comfortable with my breasts, I do think they are nice
42 I've never smoked
41 I have no desire to smoke
40 I'd like to run my own business but can't decide what I would like to do
39 I though I would be grown up by now, and it annoys me that I don't behave that way sometimes. Not that I have to be responsible and an adult all the time, but there is a time and place, and I forget myself at times.
38 I like my coffee "white" (lots of sugar and milk)
37 I prefer Coke to Pepsi
36 I prefer Crest to Colgate
35 I prefer Tide to all others
34 I prefer Second Cup to Starbucks
33 I love the Chai Latte at Second Cup (it totally sucks at Starbucks)
32 I need to take more time for myself, and recognize it as such when I do
31 I like blogging, and when I was away I missed my blogger buddies
30 I try to be honest with people
29 I try to be honest with myself
28 My favourite restaurant is One of a Kind Pasta and Grill (the salmon leaves me speechless)
27 Ruth Chris has the best steak
26 Dante's has the best pizza, Riveria comes a close second
25 My favourite alcoholic drinks are mixed drinks, both drinks and shots (like chocolate monkeys)
24 Warpie is a derivative of an earlier handle called mindwarp, I don't think my thinking is as warped as it used to be. It's time for a change
23 I like doing creative things
22 I'm glad I'm getting close to the end of this because I can't think of much more and it's taken me about an hour to write this much
21 I actually have 3 blogs :) but I've barely used the live journal one
20 Today's mood is relaxed
19 Current reading material is "Children of Dune"
18 Tomorrow I'm trying a new recipe - lentil stir fry
17 Get more new furniture tomorrow, which means more organizing!!!!!!!
16 I love animals (maybe I should find a job with animals)
15 I'd rather live in the country than the city
14 I prefer tea to coffee, but still like coffee for the sugar hit :)
13 Favourite breakfast place is Cora's (followed by Dim sum at Ruby's)
12 I don't currently have a favourite TV show since Friends ended
11 I like CSI and House
10 I don't like reality TV shows unless they are helping people. Extreme MakeOver: Home Edition makes me cry each and every time I watch it. I also like the cool things they do in the homes.
9 I cry at TV shows and movies
8 Books will make me cry too
7 Hopefully my brother is getting married this spring (destination wedding)
6 I gave the engagement rings I inherited to my bro so that he can give his intended a ring (though she has never asked for one).
5 I have a small family
4 I wish I was closer to my family at times, even though I'm not a quality time person, so perhaps that's not a wise wish ;)
3 I love my family
2 I love my dog (but would still like a cat)
1 I love my honey bunny very very much

Well past my bedtime, time to go to bed!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cool org ideas

I like this site:

In fact I'm trying to follow their calendar, I forgot until today that I was going to do August, so I'm 3 days behind :(

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tackle it Tuesday

Well I actually wasn't going to tackle anything today because it's so hot, and hanging shelves is hard work. Then I realized that tomorrow someone is coming over to quote a window replacement and Thursday the furnace ducts are being cleaned. So basically I want to tidy the whole house. So I cleaned up the kitchen, or at least put the bulk of the disorder where it can't easily be seen. I sanded and primed the walls where I made mistakes trying to hang the shelves. I've brought the paint colours upstairs (3 different ones), I'll see if the primer is dry in an hour. In the mean time I have the basement to tidy up, and I really really hope they won't be going into each room to vacuum out the vents. I called mom to find out and apparently they don't vacuum out each vent. Whew!

So the primer was dry so I painted the spots in question, now I'm waiting for it to dry, then I'll hang the shelves, but that will probably be tomorrow since it's almost time for bed now.

Well so much for a quiet Tuesday night relaxing at home.