Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let go and let's have fun.

The other day my puppy wanted to play with me, he kept bringing me toys and putting them in my lap to throw for him. As soon as I'd reach for it, he'd grip it, take it away and whip it around, sometimes hitting himself on the head with it. I'd recline again and he'd bring the toy back and put it in my lap with his mouth still on it and looking at me with longing eyes to play with him.

God is funny that he put into my head, "see what you do with your problems, you want me to take them and throw them far far away from us, but as soon as I reach for it you grab it away and whip it around, often banging yourself on the head with it. I'll recline back and when you're truly ready to let go, then we can really play".

My puppy is like that too, once he remembers he can let go and I'll throw it, he brings it back and lets go sooner the next time, and each progressive time he brings his toy back to me until he's done playing. He has lots of fun when he remembers to let go and let me be part of the game.

Thanks God for being part of the game.


Jenn said...

That was a really good illustration!
Drake is so funny.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Wow.. that was very inspirational! Thanks!