Friday, September 22, 2006

DIY: Painting

You know, I like painting, I like the sense of accomplishment, however, what I don't like is the rest of it. For instance, to actually get started painting you have to move furniture, prep the walls by filling holes and dents you made while moving the furniture, sand it, prime it, lay the drop clothes, tape off things you don't want to paint, get the painting gear out (cans of paint, brushes, roller, cloth for wiping up mistakes quickly) change clothes. Then you can get down to painting. Afterwards, there are the washing the brushes, pickup the drop clothes, move out the painting gear. Once dry there are touch ups to bare spots, fixing where you might have laid the ladder for a second and it left a black mark on the wall, touch up the trim and ceilings where you got a little careless (i.e. tired from painting), dust tables, vacuum behind that furniture you haven't moved since the last time you painted/moved/rearranged the furniture. Might as well organize while doing this and not put back stuff that doesn't belong there.

I'm currently at this second round, where you do touch ups and paint the trim (yes I do that last, many people do it first, makes no difference to me because I end up having to redo, even if taped once I've painted the wall). So I suppose I should get down to it, although first I'm going to walk the dog again and pick up those pina coladas :)

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mom of 2 said...

I agree painting is a total chore! I tend not to do as much prep work, but then again I'm a little lazy sometimes! I don't tape anything off I just paint carefully and I use my paint clothes for those quick cleanups! (You should see my paint clothes!) And if I get a spot on the carpet, Spot Shot gets it right out! Like I said...I'm a little lazy sometimes! Can we see the finished product??