Sunday, January 07, 2007

Green Earth

Reading over Chrissa's and Julie's posts, I too think I should do something for the environment on a regular basis, especially considering that's what my degree is in (Environmental Science and Biology). Actually I'd like to encourage everyone to do something for the environment in 2007. Here are some ideas:
  1. Take public transit on a regular basis if you don't already (i.e. if you drive everyday, try once a month on the bus)
  2. Walk to the store on a nice day, if you normally drive it
  3. Eat fewer convenience foods, good for you, less processing and less waste
  4. Volunteer on a rehabilitation project (like plantings in a marsh that's being rehabilitated)
  5. Take a daily walk and pick up one piece of litter that you see on the ground, even better if you can recycle that litter.
  6. Turn off/unplug appliances you don't need regularly (do you really need to see the time on your microwave if you're not using it several times a day? Stereo?)
  7. Turn the water off while you're brushing your teeth
  8. If you have a large tank toilet put a full bottle of water on the side of the tank to help reduce the water consumption 500ml or 16oz bottle (provided this doesn't start to mean you have to flush twice).
  9. Wash your pots in the sink rather than the dishwasher, means you can fit more in your dishwasher and you use less water and electricity
  10. Let your dishwasher air dry rather than heat dry your dishes (if you can)
  11. Choose an energy star appliance the next time you have to replace one.
  12. If you have a radio alarm clock change to one you have to wind up
  13. Get rechargeable batteries
  14. Don't fall asleep in front on the TV with the lights on at night, go to bed
  15. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (next time you change one and if they fit in your light fixture).
  16. When doing the laundry hang hard to dry clothing for awhile so it doesn't take your dryer as long to dry them (i.e. towels, jeans). Choose a quicker cycle on the washer, you're clothes are likely not that dirty, if they are, pre-soak in a bucket of hot water, then wash. Also wash in cold water.

    If you have more ideas let me know!


Beck said...

Good hints! Living "greener" is one of our goals, too.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Those are great hints! We also turn down the thermostat at night (it's programmable) and collect the water from the airconditionner in the summer to use to water our plants both indoors and out. I find that being green is also economical which helps make it even easier to do :)