Thursday, March 01, 2007

Go Green for March

In honour of Going Green for March I will endeavour to do the following:

  1. Turn down the thermostat 1 degree (day) 2 degrees (night)
  2. Replace as many lights as I can with high efficency bulbs, (save the still working floursecents for where I can't do replacements)
  3. Buy more organic food
  4. Buy food with less wrapping
  5. Have a box in the upstairs washroom and basement for compostables
  6. Unplug unused electronics
  7. Buy a houseplant
  8. Make the toilets into lower water use ones
  9. Wash large pots and bowls by hand so I can fit more into the dishwasher
  10. Use dishwasher and laundry/dryer in off peak hours
  11. Weather strip the cold cellar door
  12. Only boil as much water as I need for tea/coffee
  13. Look into wrapping the water heater and checking the temp on it (can I turn it down a degree or two)
  14. Walk more often (i.e. to the buss when I take it rather than getting a ride)
  15. Evaluate my water and electricity usage for waste of resources
  16. Eat more fruit and vegetables (less packaging)
  17. Buy things in bulk (if there is less packaging)
  18. Look for fewer disposable items that I use regularly
  19. Look into reusable feminine products
  20. Look for items I need in reusable/refillable containers
  21. Look for biodegradable cleansers
  22. Consider manual rather than electric replacements for items that might need replacing this year
  23. Find local battery recycling (cell phones too if possible)
  24. Freecycle
  25. Buy items used or reconditioned
  26. Rechargeable batteries for our devices
  27. Borrow instead of buy low usage items (i.e. hedge trimmer)
  28. Take more public transit
  29. Make shopping lists and take them with me when I leave the house so I can just make one trip, or do it after work and then take the bus home
  30. Re-learn riding a bike (yes you do have to relearn to balance well after 20 years! And it takes awhile because those seats are *not* comfortable)
  31. Use a dust rag for dusting rather than paper towels


Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh WOW! Those are AWESOME! Love em! Too Great!

Welcome aboard!!!

Gunther finally got the darn cupboards in so if you want to go tubing this w/end (except Friday) let me know!

Sorry I flaked out on you last time.. I had 11 kitchen cupboards in the middle of my kitchen and I was losing it BIG.



mom of 2 said...

Great ideas! I've found these static dust rags and they are awesome! I've also got a static dust mop for my wood floors. You just wash the cloths and dry them without any fabric softener so they get good and staticy (don't think that's a word) and they pick up all of the dust...I love them!

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