Sunday, March 29, 2009

This cycle in

So this month the doctor put me on 6 days of clo.mid and then a shot of h.c.g to make me ovulate. The doctor also wanted to do a sp.erm.wash, which I declined for this cycle, but I'm feeling rather pressured about doing it, and I don't exactly have the funds for it with DH having been laid off almost 2 months ago. I however did do a budget to see if we could manage to live on my salary and have his employee insurance benefits go to the savings account for emergencies. It's possible if I don't take into account saving anything for known quarterly or annual expenses.

Anyway back to ttc'ing. So I know I have an issue with a short luteal phase, I don't think I need the drugs for hyper ovulation or the wash, but they are pressuring me to do it next month. We'll see what happens when I decline to do it. The other thing is last cycle the drugs to lengthen my luteal phase didn't work quite as expected, if the same thing occurs this month, then I want them to fix the known issue rather than trying to help me conceive faster, because otherwise I'm just throwing away money if the luteal phase isn't long enough to support a pregnancy.

So now I'm in the 2 week wait (2ww). Testing on Friday April 10, I think I'll take that day off work, I could use a break anyway.


mom of 2 said...

I'll pray for you guys. I hope all goes as planned!!!!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

fingers crossed ..sending lots of positive sticky dust your way!

hope548 said...

Couldn't they try progesterone to lengthen your luteal phase? I would think it's a shortage of that causing a shorter luteal phase, but I'm no doctor!
If you don't feel comfortable with the protocol or don't understand it, tell them you'd like to discuss it more. This process is difficult enough without having doubts.
In my experience, the first doctor I went to did not do enough diagnosis on me. He threw me into agressive treatments which I responded to but did not get pregnant. I never felt comfortable there, so I switched to a new doctor.
Just remember, you're paying them and should get the service/treatment you deserve and you know your body better than anyone else. Sometimes you really have to be your own advocate.
Good luck!!