Monday, July 19, 2010

10 selfish things I'd do if I won 50 million

In response to Julie's post last week, I'll post this week about what I would do if I won 50 million.

  1. I would travel looking for a city where I might like to spend most of my time (home base).
  2. I would build an ecologically friendly home - or at least one that is "off the grid".
  3. An infinity pool and a hot tub
  4. Get a maid
  5. Regular esthetician appointments in home
  6. Remove all the birthmarks/moles on my body
  7. Laser hair removal
  8. Dye my hair blonde
  9. Hair weave when I decide on a preferred colour
Other not so selfish things I would do:
  1. I would give my brother and hubby's sister enough money to pay their mortgages and then retire so that they could at least live the same standard of living that they would should they have to work for the next 25 years.
  2. I might open a sustainability related business, lately I've been thinking about home furnishings in recycled or sustainable matrials.
  3. Alternately I would consider donating funds to something that is close to resolving some issue of humanity.

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