Saturday, September 18, 2010

New stuff

I've been thinking for a year or 2 now about a career change. I've decided I want it to be something related to my degree in Environmental Science. Lately 2 things have been on my mind.
1) Sustainable design - in that when furinishing/redecorating using environmentally friendly products or reusing furniture.
2) Off grid home reno - when I think about the home renos I want to do in my new place, it's all in an effort to lower my costs for utilities. So I'm currently thinking about solar panels or other alternatives for energy production. Mostly because dear hubby falls asleep in front of the TV a lot.

So while off with the baby over the next year I'm going to be doing research in what direction I want to take my career and educating myself. In the meantime, I've started a new blog about sustainability. So I invite you to visit me at Sustain & Contain It

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Anonymous said...

cannot wait to read your blog! Been on my mind as well and I am not certified in any shape or form but I wont let that stop me!