Monday, April 03, 2006

6 Quirks about me

Julie tagged me to reveal 6 quirks about myself:

  1. I make funny sing song like noises when I'm happy (hubby discovered this, another reason I knew I wanted to share my life with him).
  2. I have an addiction to glassware. I like to buy cups, mugs, dishes, vases. I especially like interesting martini glasses and vases.
  3. I have weird toes, they are a lot like fingers, in fact my second toe is almost as long as my pinky (on my hand, that would be weird it I meant my pinky toe).
  4. I like funny clothing, my favourite article of clothing is a green hat with pompons on long strings, so I can swing them around. I see people smile at me when I wear it and it makes me happy that someone smiled at my silliness.
  5. I think I'm psychic :) I had a dream about marrying my hubby about 7 years before we started dating (we were just friends at the time). I have the sense of deja vu occasionally
  6. I'm a nut, or from another planet at times :)


Jenn said...

I love that green hat. It makes me smile.

Hope548 said...

My toes are the same as yours! I can pick stuff up with them too!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh I love fun clothes! Nothing like a bit of personality I say!