Thursday, April 06, 2006

Reasons I appreciate my hubby

I decided to write about why I fell in love with my hubby:

1) Because his hands are so gentle when he plays with my hair or rubs my back.
2) Because that first kiss was beautiful (5 years ago today).
3) Because being with him makes me sing
4) Because he used to smile so much when we were together that it would bring tears to his eyes.
5) Because he's very laid back and when he gets mad he doesn't yell.
6) Because he always carries the bags and packages when we go shopping.
7) Because he took care of cleaning up a major womanly accident when we were dating.
8) Because it was fun sneaking around with him before we told all our friends we were dating.
9) Because he's very patient and listens to me and I feel I can talk to him about anything.
10) Because he was my good friend then, and my best friend now.

Happy Anniversary darling. I love you.


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Awww that made me tear up!

Happy Anniversary guys! Hope it's the best one yet!!!

warpie said...

He's working :(