Sunday, April 01, 2007

Have you ever wanted to see a miracle?

Have you ever wanted to see a miracle? Or better yet participate in one? Over the last few months I've been praying along with many many others for Annie and Ron, you can read the details of their story here. Today though I feel compelled to invite as many people as I can to pray too, because the timeline of Ron's story matches that of a miraculous season in the Christian calendar.

Here is a synopsis of Ron's story:
Dec 22 2006: Diagnosed with a brain tumour
Dec 23 3006 moved 1300kms from home to get the care he needed
Dec 27 2006: Biopsied the tumour, its inoperable and malignant
Jan 10 2007: Arrive at the cancer centre for treat of a grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, treatment won't erradicate the tomour, only try to control it
Jan 23 2007: Radiation and chemotherapy treatment starts
Feb 21 2007: Ron has declined very rapidly and the doctors estimate he has 5 days left
March 6 2007: Ron is moved to a palliative care centre and his life expectancy is extended to 3 weeks.
March 21 2007: Ron continues to improve and is getting stronger each day although he is unable to see and begins the chemo portion of his treatments on the 26th.
March 26 2007: Ron begins chemotherapy

Those of us that have been praying for Ron already know God has done so much for him and his family and blessed those that have been praying for them. There is no denying the glorification of God when you participate in His miracles.

Today I have felt called to share Annie and Ron's story with more people, to encourage more people to pray during this week, especially this week, known as Holy Week to Christians.

So if you've been praying keep it up, if you haven't start, and if you wouldn't then I challenge you to challenge yourself, I dare you to move out of your comfort zone and see what we see, experience what we have experienced. God is moving very powerfully in this direction join the flow.


Beck said...

Praying. Of course.

odat_kim said...

Gee Beck, your fast, I just left the comment (would have emailed, but couldn't find a link, s'alright, I don't share my email adress online either).

mom of 2 said...

an amazing story...I will pray!

org junkie said...

Thank you so much Kim! You have no idea what this means to me as well as Annie and Ron. God is doing miraculous things here...we must keep praying. I'm going to post another post about it as well and link to your timeline if that is okay.


Jthemilker said...

Never underestimate the power of prayer!!! I love answered prayers.