Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Being that time of year again, I've actually spent a little time pondering my new year's resolution for 2008. I've decided this year will be the year of making a difference.

Like many, I wish for world peace and harmony at Christmas, but honesty, what do I really do to promote that? If I'm not willing to compromise and sacrifice on an individual level, then how can I expect it of the world as a whole? Answer, I can't.

I also wish for my life to leave an impact on the world, be it large or small, but unless I'm willing to take the time or acknowledge making the effort, then I'm likely to feel unsatisfied. I do believe that we all make an impact on the world, daily, just we fail mostly to acknowledge what that impact is (large, small, good, bad, neutral). I want to be more conscientious of the impact of my daily decisions, and to do more things that I want to do to make a difference.

Here are somethings I'm thinking of for making an impact.
Be better about using and managing my compost bin
Get that hot water heater blanket
Look into replacing the furnace with a more efficient one

Helping others:
Get Drake certified as a therapy dog so that he can go to long term care hospitals and centres to brighten the lives of the sick.
Volunteer, donate


Chrissa said...

I love the idea of getting your dog licensed as a therapy dog to help others!

I enjoyed this post. I know I want to make a difference as well.

Jthemilker said...

All great meaningful resolutions... PLEASE come back to kicking the pig with me! I suck at it. So nice to see you're still around.

Happy NY!!!

hope548 said...

Good for you! I also love the therapy dog idea. I used to get acupuncture at this place that had a therapy dog. She was a little fluffy dog named "Boo" and she was amazing. I'll never forget little Boo!
Happy 2008!