Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hubby Participates

For the last 2 weeks hubby's been putting his hands on my tummy trying to feel the baby move, and either the baby isn't moving at the moment or he can't feel it. Finally, today, hubby felt the baby move. I was napping on my in-laws couch and he woke me for dinner by playing with my hair. I could feel the baby moving under my hand, although oddly not internally, so I got him to put his hand on my tummy and he felt the baby move 3 times!

I still think it's sweet that he's been putting his hands and forehead on my tummy trying to interact with the baby.

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mom of 2 said...

That is sweet! It is so different for men than it is for us. For us it is real right away as our bodies begin to change rapidly. For men, sometimes it isn't real for them until they see their child for the first time. I think feeling the baby move helps though. I remember feeling my kids moving during pregnancy...good times!! :)