Saturday, May 28, 2011

100 Day Challenge

It's 103 days until my 39th birthday. I've decided to challenge myself to eating healthier and exercising for 100 days, therefore my challenge begins May 31. I've looked up a few websites for 100 days eating and exercising challenges. I did find one for eating real foods that I kind of like their concept of taking 10 day mini challenges, so I'm going to adopt that idea with respect to my eating and exercising habits.

Overall, I really do eat a lot of easy convenience food that might not be all that colourful, I also tend to eat 3 larger meals and then get really hungry at night. I also live a very sedentary lifestyle.

My first challenges need to make baby steps to change these habits, but also be a challenge and change in behaviour. Ultimately I'd like to get to the point where I'm doing the 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day that is recommended for children, and to eat mostly fresh, real food for all my meals.

Eating Challenge #1
Eat one leafy dark green and one yellow fruit or vegetable every day

Exercising Challenge #1
Interval training in jogging every day with the dog - 1 block jog, 1 block walk for at least 6 intervals, but preferrably 10.

Some other challenges I'm thinking of for myself:

  • 2 different fruits or vegetables with every major meal (brekfast, lunch and dinner)

  • No eating out - and that includes coffee

  • No processed foods

  • No foods that result in something going to the garbage dump - recycling and composting is OK (i.e. stickers off fruit from super markets, twist ties off bags of bread or milk, pull tabs off milk and juice cartons etc).

  • Vegetarian for 10 days


  • 10 exercise ball and 10 weight training exercises every day

  • 10 exercises using only my own body

  • Swimming daily for 10 days

  • Games of basketball or soccerball with family

Would love to get some ideas from all of you with respect to eating and exercising.


mom of 2 said...

Good for you! I recently discovered that I have an intolerance for MSG (also on labels as natural flavors) and since cutting that out completely I have lost 4 pounds. It has forced me to make all sorts of changes as I'm finding that almost everything I was eating had MSG. I like your idea of fresh fruits/veggies with each meal. Good luck!! :)

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing your results!