Friday, June 03, 2011

Day 4

Well, still no exercise today and the eating was pretty good considering the amount of temptation I was presented with today. Friday's are coffee and goodies with the ladies from my baby classes there are about 6 to 10 that meet regularly, but there must have been 15 of us today and everyone brought goodies to share! There are actually 35 of us in the group all together, and it keeps growing because we invite other mom's we meet at other groups. Hubby and I also went out for breakfast, and to a movie tonight. Here's what I ate though.

Breakfast: Coffee with sweetener 2 milk, 1 cream and an omelet with ham rolled into a crepe and grilled like a panini. Also 1/2 a large plate of fresh fruit.
Snack: 3 dried apricots
Lunch: Nothing - big breakfast
Snack: 1 vegan bliss ball about the size of a large marble, 2 sips of a frappaccino
Dinner: Chicken salad with cheese and blackberries and asian sesame dressing
Snack: 1/4 bag of small movie popcorn and 6 gulps of a small movie cola
Water: 5 bottles

I might have something overnight. Last night Victoria was waking me up every hour until 4am when I gave up and took her to bed with me (where she tossed and turned for 45 minutes). I had a yogurt as I was pretty hungry at 3am after giving her a bottle. I think I might have had either cashews and dried cranberries too, or more dried apricots, but my memory from last night is a little fuzzy.

My next challenge is going to be 10 new fruits and vegetables, I have a recipe for roasted veggies that has 3 vegetables I've never had before, so I haven't decided if I get 2 days off from something new or if I should aim for 12 new items. Ultimately I'd like to try something new every day, but at least I have a little leeway.

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