Friday, July 07, 2006

Date night

Tonight was date night, I almost forgot! Every fourth Friday night I take my little love out on a date. We go to the pet store where Drake plays with any dogs that might be there, flirts with every cashier, and usually gets a Milk Bone from all of them, and he flirts with the customers too. I usually buy him a treat too.

I almost forgot tonight though, hubby works nights every fourth Friday, so the pup and I go to PetSmart. We had only 15 minutes in the store, but he got to greet another golden retriever, and 2 cashiers (only 1 milk bone) and every customer in the store (4 families or couples). We picked up some liver treats, his favs. I had coupons, so we got 3 packages of them!

Drake is passed out in the foyer now, because the ceramic tiles are nice and cool with the AC on. It's good going to PetSmart, it tires him out and that leaves me free to "chat" with his daddy online :)


Hope548 said...

Our dog charms the women at the vet every time. He also has a play date each weekend with my parents' dog. They adore each other, it's so cute!

Jenn said...

Somehow that sounds like more fun than watching Chicken run (AGAIN) and picking cheesies off the floor after the kids are in bed.
I bet Drake loves his date nights!
If the hubster is working nights all week - maybe we can go out for a girls night!

warpie said...

GNO! GNO! Although hubby's last shift is Wednesday night. Although I'm taking Thursday and Friday off, woohoo!!!!!!