Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Org tidbit

Here's my org tidbit for the day, admitted I saw this on "Neat" on the Home and Garden network, but I liked it.

This is for organizing your papers that you need in immediate reach (for an average household, not a business). Get a small hanging file holder, insert 15 hanging files.

The last 12 in the hanging file are the months of the year, put into these folders things you need to do each month, i.e. showers, weddings, property taxes. Move each month to the back of the group as it passes.

The first 5 folders are "Pay", "Read", "File", "Mail", "Shred". This is for your incoming mail so that you don't lose anything, and you're up to date, you just have to remember to review daily and file regularly.

Mine is actually not hanging files, it's just the first 5 and it in a magnetic holder attached to the fridge (because the kitchen is the first room as you come in the front door, and the fridge is the closest thing). OK OK, it was attached to the fridge, it's now on the filing cabinet in the office and we don't use it, I should repurpose this and start using it. Works pretty well if you have a desk and file cabinet in the kitchen... or your office is accessible (mine's not, it's on the eventual org list).


mom of 2 said...

I love that idea! I also love that show!! I have the hanging file box and the file folders, but the first file in my box is so stuffed with junk I can't fit anything into the other files. I guess I need to work on that!!

warpie said...

hahahahaha, sounds like my folders, the read and file folders were stuffed so full the hanger would slide down the frisge or fall off altogether sending everything across the floor where the puppy would tear it up, and maybe use it for papers to pee on.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

that sounds like a great idea!

My company's gone home today so I'm jumping on the organization bandwagon with yas!