Saturday, July 21, 2007

SMART Habits Saturday - week 3

So last week's habit of spending 15 minutes with prayer and/or bible study every day worked out well, and I've decided to have a regular feature on my own blog of 15 minute Friday's. This past week I've come to realize that if I organized myself into having commited things to do evenings and weekends, I might just work less overtime and feel less stressed and have a healthier work/life balance. Therefore, this week, I will find 2 things I want to commit to for myself during the week.

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15 minute walk about not so good 2 days only
15 minutes with God great 6 days


An Ordinary Mom said...

I like your 15 minute theme! Enjoy your habits this week!

Org Junkie said...

Hi Kim, I just want to encourage you on reaching your goals for the week. All the best to you,


Corrie said...

I just posted on your 15 minutes Friday - what a great idea.

Have a great week with your habits.

A Juggling Mum said...

Sounds great :) have a terrific week!

Rachel xxx

Rebecca said...

I like your 15 Minutes Friday idea. A blog friend of mine has something similar called Faithful Fridays. Good luck this week!

Thea said...

Very smart of you to break it down to 15 minute blocks. Good thinking!

Good luck this week!

Slava Bogu said...

It's so good to break these goals into manageable amounts. Good luck this week!