Thursday, August 24, 2006


Julie's post about mommies inspired me to write mine. My mommy is finally retiring this month. She actually officially retired 8 years ago, but has been working part time in her field because of the level of knowledge and expertise she has. In my field we would call her a knowledge expert, or subject matter expert, and I think she's fully deserving of that title.

My mom taught me a lot about work ethic. She works in pay & benefits for the government, which has a lot fo rules around pensions, pay and benefits. Mom has always been a conscientious worker in that she digs deeper into the rules, and the rules effective at certain times that would apply to a person so that she can help them get all that they deserve. It irks me a little bit about what some people say about government workers, because I know how hard my mom worked, and the pay for the most part was less than fair. I also used to work in the government as a research assistant and I know how the researchers worked diligently for often only a third of what they could have gotten in the states. The next time you see that government worker taking a break when there's a huge lineup. It's not true of all the workers behind the scenes that you don't see. I thank my mom for what she taught me about work ethic, maybe at times I learned it too well and put work first, rather than where it belongs, somewhere down around 5th in my books.

Happy Retirement Mom, you totally deserve it!


mom of 2 said...

Sounds like you have a great mommy!! Happy retirement to her!!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

My parents are the same way being owners of their own business. I know when I worked at Canada Post I worked my buns off government employee or not.

Happy Retirement to your Mom :)