Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Works for me Wednesday

This works for me. I'm putting together a box of mementos I've gotten over the years, ones I've purchased and don't want anymore, or have gotten from secret santas, or just don't work in my home. Then when I need a little gift for something I have one, so I'm not running out last minute, because I often forget. Works well for those neighbours that give you something for the holidays and you're caught off guard. I plan to keep little gift bags and homemade cards in another drawer right next to the mementos.

Point to note, if you're going to re-gift, tape a note to the gift to remind you whom you received it from in the first place.


mom of 2 said...

Good idea! Some of the people on our street give out Christmas cookies to neighbors. Last year I gave out those yummy mint Kit Kat bars...since I'm not into baking. Also, some of our neighbors do a cookie exchange. You get 12 people and each one bakes (can't be store bought) 12 dozen of the same kind of cookie. Then you get together and exchange so that you have a variety of cookies to give as gifts to coworkers, friends, etc.

org junkie said...

Excellent idea. I keep a gift dresser in one of my closets. I purchase gifts for people all year round when things come on sale and that way I don't have to sweat it at Christmas time. I record everything in a little book to keep track. Re-gifting is a great sense keeping something that you aren't going to use.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I confess I'm a notorious re-gifter LOL

Love it!


Anonymous said...

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