Friday, August 18, 2006

Drake's first picture

For Chrissa: Drake, age 4 months

He's a golden retriever

My favourite picture:

Hubby sent me the above as an email subject line "Hello from Home" and just the attachment. I call it my window to home and it's my favourite. I have it as my desktop on my laptop.


mom of 2 said...

What a cutie (the dog, of course...he he)!!! Thanks for the pictures! That is a great shot of him and your hubby...I'm sure it's great to look at at work!!

As for bunko...there are many different sets of rules and every bunko group that I know of does it differently. Like in my mom's group they only roll for 6's and in our group we roll for 2's-6's. We have 30 separate rounds I guess you'd call them. Each round you try to roll just the one number for that round. It's really a very simple game, but hard to explain. I'm sure I could get a copy of our rules and email them to you if you are interested. We always have so much fun!

Thanks again for the cute!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Aw those are GREAT pics!!! Love love love em!!!!