Friday, October 13, 2006


So many inspiring and heart felt posts today, I feel the need to share them.
Hope in frustration
Julie in Beauty and Prayer
Laura in recognizing your limits

I feel so much love, hope and peace flowing through me and from me. Have you felt the empowerment? What can I say? I often have the heart to reach out and to stand with the others, but not always the written word. So this is me, taking to you, something wonderful, so that you can participate too and have your day uplifted, and feel united with people across the world. If only we could all feel so united across the miles, maybe there would be more peace and love and understanding in the world. If we could remember that everyone has a story, a hurt, something to share, value. We are all equal, may we put principles above personalities and love each other in a very special way, even if we can't love ourselves yet.

Reach out to someone today that maybe you wouldn't have reached out to before, let your heart and soul move you, not your head. Commiserate with your fellow traveler whom you might overhear speaking of a hurt they've experienced, because we are all responsible for those hurts, even if we didn't directly commit them, the survivor may need to hear, an apology or that not every person that fits an archetype is like their experience, to break down barriers that separate us. There is more that unites us, than separates us despite what our natures may say.


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Bravo! You are an inspiration yourself! I'm so proud that you're my friend!



mom of 2 said...

Well said...amen to that!!

org junkie said...

What a beautiful post and such a great reminder. Sometimes its so easy to wallow in ourselves isn't it...and so easy to pass judgement on one another. We do all have a story to tell and not one is less important than is part of who we are. I've been feeling all mushy about my blogging friends lately because of the amazing amount of love, support, compassion and prayer shown one another. It truly is amazing! Thank you for such thoughtful words! Laura

Hope548 said...

That was a beautiful post! You are so very right. I get so wrapped up in my own problems sometimes that I forget how good I really have it. Whenever I'm faced with a particularly unfriendly person, I try to realize that maybe they're just having a rough day. There's a reason for everything I suppose, it's just hard to see the big picture sometimes!

You're an amazing friend and person!