Saturday, October 21, 2006

Promised Before & After Pictures

Ahh, ladies here they are the promised pics, bigger if you click on them:

The Basement Bedroom


After (yes it's a slightly lighter colour, I was going to do it the same colour as the living room, but it ended up problematic around the door frames for the closets, so I tried to match the original colour)

The closet in the basement bedroom with the gift area for Laura (left side only, right side is Laura's wonderful odds and ends solution, I have tape, lightbulbs, pest control, power bars, and child safety electrical outlet plug covers in mine. Looking for more items to fill it).

The living room for Chrissa (so she can see the Ikea rug) , you can see where I'm in the process of finishing this blog on the left there :) well not me obviously, I'm taking the photo, but the laptop and water bottle.

Today I've actually been hanging a lot of pictures, like our wedding pic you see in the living room above. Most of them are gifts we gave each other for various anniversaries (dating and wedding). Monday is our second wedding anniversary, we'll be going out to dinner tomorrow, but seeing, framing and finally hanging a lot of these beautiful momentos (2 of which hubby drew himself) has made me feel rather sentimental and romantic today.


org junkie said...

Hello! Great job on organizing your basement room. You did a great job...isn't it the greatest feeling once your done! Also I LOVE your living room...the paint color is fantastic with your furniture. Thanks for sharing the pics with us!!!! Laura

Jthemilker said...

This is like having HG tv on blogger! Great work Kim! I love your livingroom, especially the black lines in the rug and frame. So chic! Thanks for sharing.

The Lazy Organizer said...

It looks great and I love the color too. I can't wait to do something fun in my new house.

mom of 2 said...

I love your family room...the color is really pretty!!! I like the rug, too!

Ravenbajan said...

I love your living room! The colours all go together beautifully. Great job on the painting too by the way!