Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update on my Tackle

So yesterday what I did for my Tackle it Tuesday (I was going to use the acronym and then decided against it). In the first picture, see the white Beaumark box in the lower right and the brown cardboard box beside it? I went through those 2 boxes and tossed stuff. The white box actually contains all of our manuals for things. The manuals and warranty cards were filling up my fling cabinet, and I wasn't good about filing them, so now we just throw them in here, works for me (i.e. my Works for me Wednesday - unofficially of course). The other thing I did was to quickly look into every drawer and cabinet and box and if I saw something that I didn't want, need, or recognize, it was chucked out (don't worry hubby I can at least recognize it as being mine, if I wasn't sure it was mine I kept it). I also finally took the clothing donation to the local pickup station and dropped it off as well as doing the grocery shopping.

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Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

YAY! WTG! That rocks! You did good!!!