Saturday, August 04, 2007

SMART Habits Saturday - Aug 4

So it's Saturday and time to develop another habit, please go to Lara's blog to join in.

Last week went terribly for my new habits, not a one of them was followed. So this week should probably be a follow my habits week.

Previous SMARTs
15 Minute Walkabout Nope none at all
15 Minutes with God also not good this week, does Friday's post count?
Control Freak I forgot entirely


Mama Pajama said...

I like that....dancing to the tune in your head...anyway, good luck on reaching your goals this week. I think we could all use the motivation. : )

Rebecca said...

Don't let this past week get you down. Good luck for this week! I'd say Friday's post does count for that day so good for you.