Saturday, November 27, 2010

40 Weeks + 12 days

Baby or no baby? You don't really know yet, hahahaha!

Today on FlyLady is to pick a mission, which is a little extra tidbit after the weekly quick clean. In reality, there isn't much to keeping a clean house. This is what FlyLady seems to have as a regular maintenance, it's just the 30 day FlyBaby portion adds to it and establishes a schedule and seems to get your whole house well cleaned so that maintenance is easier.

1) Morning Routine
2) Afternoon Routine (if you need one)
3) Before bed routine
4) Quick clean your house 1 day per week
5) Zone cleaning - 5 zones in the house - 1 zone per week so you rotate through in a month. The zones are the high traffic areas and you do a more detailed cleaning when you hit that week on a particular day. These are also called the missions. This week is the master bedroom and for today's challenge I'm supposed to pick one of the daily missions for the master bedroom to do today. I already cleaned off all the dressers and night stands.

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