Tuesday, November 23, 2010

40 Weeks + 8 Days

Today I thought I'd share how Drake (our dog) has been following me around for the last 3 weeks that I've been home instead of my husband. Hubby truly is Drake's favourite person, but I think that might change over the next year while I'm home and spending time with him. Drake isn't a cuddly dog, but he has been sleeping in the same room with me more frequently rather than sleeping by the front door waiting for hubby to come home. He also sometimes sleeps beside the couch I'm on, although I think that is related to me having eaten something while sitting on the couch first. Drake often comes to sleep with me for our daily nap on the bed, although if hubby is home then Drake will likely stay with daddy than napping with me.

Today's new cleaning challenge includes decluttering an area for 15 minutes. Yesterday was to make a journal of my morning and evening routines for cleaning and tidying the house and getting myself ready and organized.

There are also weekly things that FlyLady.net does. Monday is home blessing day which is spend 1 hour cleaning, no more than 10 minutes on any one chore (vacuum, dust, mop, change sheets, garbage etc). Tuesday is planning day for the next week, i.e. menu planning, date night/family time planning, activities planning, wardrobe, trips, etc. Seems this continues throughout the week, I kind of like that there's only 1 day for quick cleaning (beyond the zone cleaning and FlyBaby 30 day habit maker) and that it is at the beginning of the week so that your house starts the week out clean.


mom of 2 said...

Sounds like Flylady likes to clean a lot, but I bet she's not 40+ weeks pregnant!

hope548 said...

Wow, somebody has some serious nesting going on! I hope you go into labor naturally, but I'm glad that at least you'll be induced by the 25th so you can finally meet your baby! I'm so excited for you!