Thursday, November 18, 2010

40 Weeks + 3 Days

The doctor and hubby and I have set a date for inducing labour. I had a choice between Nov 20 and 25th. The doctor didn't think we'd naturally go into labour by the 20th, but that we would have delivered by the 25th. Have I mentioned that I think the delivery date will be the 23rd? Anyway, at least now I have a firm end date! The doctor wants me to take it easy until the birth, so I guess some of those activities to induce labour, like walking, is off the table as an option. Can I also remove cleaning (smile)? Also shopping for Christmas presents will be online, so I suppose I should start doing that, fortunately I have a small family, although 2 family members have birthdays close to Christmas. If I send hubby to shop for his family, then I only have to purchase gifts for 5 people for 7 occassions (10 occassions if I include my in-laws).

Today's to do list:
  1. Complete the thank you cards (yah, it's been on my list for 3 days)
  2. Finish the composting and recycling (it's collection day)
  3. Check the light in the garage, hubby thinks it's on some setting that it's not shutting off automatically
  4. Vacuum upstairs

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